Yerkes Observatory
The Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus
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6/5/12    4:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Transit time:    5:04pm - sunset

We are on the precipice of a major twice in a century astronomical event. The planet of Venus will be able to be seen crossing the face of the sun starting at 5:04 pm until sunset on June 5th. The next time this will happen is in 2117. If you missed the Transit of Venus in 2004, then this truly is a once in a lifetime event. The Friends of Big Foot Beach State Park, Yerkes Observatory, and the Williams Bay Rec Department will host two simultaneous viewing events at Big Foot Beach State Park and Yerkes Observatory.

Staring directly into the sun to view the Transit of Venus is definitely not safe. Special solar viewing glasses are available now at the park contact station and Yerkes Observatory for $2. Telescopes equipped with special sun filters, and instruments to present a projected view that can be seen by all will also be at the event. The advantage of viewing the Transit of Venus at Big Foot Beach State Park or Yerkes Observatory is being able to witness an unobstructed view with proper equipment in a beautiful setting with like-minded individuals. Astronomy enthusiasts will be on hand to answer questions, and an internet link to other live viewing feeds around the world should be on site. We hope you can join us!

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